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Puppets' Cellar
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Puppets' Cellar

Theatre performances pass by. Even the best plays cannot be shown forever because the theatre “lives” here and now. However once created characters, puppets, masks, props, costumes, or even whole scenographies do not cease to exist. They are hidden in the theatres’ cellars and storages dreaming about their past stage adventures and waiting for their continuation...

Puppets Cellar

We decided to open our storages and show everybody our treasures. In the Puppets’ Cellar one can meet all the characters and puppets which appeared in the BTL’s repertoire. The oldest puppets are from the 1960‘s. There is also a wide variety of costumes and large fragments of different scenographies which will take us back in time and bring back memories. It is a true maze in which one can dream, think about the past and admire real masterpieces of the greatest 20th century and contemporary scenographers: Aleg Bunsch, Andrzej Dworakowski, Wies豉w Jurkowski, Gizela Kar這wska, Adam Kilian, Ryszard Kuzyszyn, Edward Lutczyn, Miko豉j Malesza, Irena Pikiel, Rajmund Strzelecki, Halina Zalewska and others.

More than welcome!