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Puppets' Cellar
Newspaper reports

Newspaper reports

Ale lale w Piwnicy Lalek


In any other Polish theatre it is impossible for a stranger to sneak into theatre’s cellars to see the puppets and scenographies. In BTL everybody will be able to do it since next Sunday. What is more, everyone will be able not only to see but also touch ! This wonderful project is the first in Poland and therefore unique.

It is a breathtaking experience for both the young and the old. We know that very well, as we were wondering around the Puppets’ Cellar for more than an hour and we did not want to go out at all. Yesterday we were invited there by the cellar’s originator and theater’s boss Marek Waszkiel. He announced the grand opening of the Puppets’ Cellar over one year ago, however he delayed it many times. Finally they made it, just on time for the BTL’s 55th jubilee. And because BTL for all these years has made numerous performances there is a lot to show! There are hundreds of puppets, masks and various parts of scenographies. One can find here little tiny puppets but also big ones which are size of a wall. Forget about traditional sightseeing, here you can touch everything, wonder around, take a look inside large chests or wardrobes.

“Hiding puppets behind the glass like in museums is ridiculous, it denies the whole concept of theatre” – said Marek Waszkiel.

It is a great fun to touch a huge Witch’s nose, which on the stage appeared to be scary and ghastly but in fact it is made of soft foam.

“Everything is exceptional everything has its own story to tell” – said Lila Bakal and Małgorzata Koniczek – who arranged the Puppets’ Cellar.


Where is it?

It is exactly under the BTL’s foyer. It was created at the same time when the theatre was growing sidewards. At the same time the theatre went ”underground” and extended its cellars for more than hundred square meters. The Puppets’ Cellar can be seen for an hour before and after each performance (in the future it might be open longer) Because of the lack of space only 20-40 people will be let in at the same time.


If we had money we would like to introduce multimedia into our Cellar – said Marek Waszkiel. The visitor will be guided by the special light beam which will present each exhibit and than fade away. We also want to present the music from various performances. We would also like to carry on educational classes for children using different sorts of multimedia.

Monika Żmijewska, "Gazeta Wyborcza", 11.06.2008

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