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1. Main Stage

Stage window measurements:

  • Height: 4 m
  • Width: 6 m
  • Depth: 4,80 m

Configurable stage: ground level to proscenium + 1.42 m, or ground level to 2.20 m. The stage consists of four separate landings 1.20 m wide and 8 m long, and of two proscenium landings 1.50 m wide and 6 m long.

Landing heights are independently adjusted with the use of power lifting hoists. The core stage is 4.80 m deep, with an option of introducing extension elements (up to 11 m). The stage is equipped with 16 scenery drop rods suspended every 30 cm from the stage window, controlled manually from gallery one level, i.e. 5 m above stage level. The stage shaft is 12 m tall from stage level. The stage is equipped with a left and right pocket with 10m2 of usable area each. The proscenium may be used as an orchestra pit. The stage is also equipped with a mobile string puppet rostrum 1 m wide and 8 m long, 4.5 m above stage level. The vertical drop curtain is controlled manually.


The theatre has a LCS 400 computer control room, with 1,000 scenes programmable.

  • Sixty 2.5 kW circuits
  • Twelve 5 kW circuits


  • Profiled 575 W, 1000 W
  • Microprism light
  • Fresnel lens light
  • Halogen spotlights

Approximately 300 spotlights in total.


Sound engineer's room equipment:

  • 24-channel mixer
  • Three MiniDisc players
  • CD player
  • Tape recorder
  • Recording studio-quality spool recorder
  • DigiTech reverberation camera
  • Yamaha SPX 2000 reverberation camera
  • DBX 1066/1046 compressor

Stage audio system:

  • Ten dynamic microphones, three wireless SM 58 microphones, four wireless microports, two variable-capacitance microphones suspended above stage floor
  • Two DBox units
  • Three 2 x 400 W power amplifiers
  • Independent back-and-front stage sound amplification systems, back-house amplification system, stage-front audio monitoring units.

House audio system:

  • Twenty headset units for spectators with impaired hearing
  • AUDIO TECHNIKA 3000 wireless microphone systems
Main stage Main stage