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The building has been adapted to meet the needs of the disabled. It houses two stages, a rehearsal hall, dressing rooms, workshops and a café.

the building 

The architectural design of the Puppet Theatre has been developed by the BUDOPOL Warsaw Studio of General Construction Development Design, with the following team of senior architects: W. K造szewski, J. Mokrzy雟ki and W. Wierzbicki. The project’s investor was the Department of Arts and Culture of the Provincial office in Bia造stok. The Podlasie Construction Development Company was the original prime contractor, subsequently restructured and named the Bia造stok Construction and Prefabrication Development Plant (Bia這stocki Kombinat Budowlany). (...)

The building has a traditional brick construction, with DZ type ceilings and steel bindings over the house.

The basic concept followed in designing the stage was to allow for all puppetry techniques to be used: the live actor, rod puppets animated from the bottom, and string puppets animated from the top.

This in principle encompasses the entire spectrum of arranging movement on stage, enabled by the design and construction of a trapdoor, a mobile portal rostrum allowing for shifts in the height of the stage aperture, a string puppet elevator, multi-level operation galleries, backdrop and scenery hoists, and other theatre paraphernalia.

Jerzy Piasecki, "Fundamenty", January 13th 1980, Issue No. 2